There are three locations allocated specifically for Dark Sky viewing on the Isle of Coll, although, in reality, most of Coll is equally dark.

RSPB Totronald.
There is a car park just past the RSPB centre at Totronald and this place has been offered with the kind permission of the RSPB. The car park lies in a slightly sheltered hollow and is surrounded by wonderful dunes and machair.

Cliad football pitch.
Cliad pitch is also part of Coll's only golf course and offers a large open space with few obstacles for a complete 360° view of the sky. This space has been offered by the Wainwright family and we thank them for this.

Chosen on a high point overlooking Ariangour village, just above and close to the kirk. The location is convenient for those in the village and offers spectacular views of the village and bay.